If you wish to contact our admissions office, please complete the on-line form.

Once the form has reached us, our admisssions secretary contact you to arrange a meeting with the heads of sector and the admissions officer at the branch you would like your children to attend. During the meeting, you will be shown round the premises and receive ample information on our academic programmes and whatever organization and administrative information you require.

Should you wish to continue with the admissions process, we will confirm whether there are vacancies available and coordinate a date for your child´s /children´s entrance avaluation.

For families living abroad, the interview will be arranged by e-mail. Please bring your child´s present school´s study plans to the meeting.

Entry interview request

Administration process

Parents will receive an admissions form for each chlld, which they must fill in and hand in to the admissions secretary within the following two weeks, together with any copies of documents required. Should they not hand in these forms, the reserved vacancies will be offered to another family. All families must go through the complete admissions process. Participating in the admissions process does not give the candidate any rights. Candidates who have gone through the admissions process will only be registered after final approval by the authorities of the school.

Once parents have finished all the formalities of the admissions process and the school confirms the requested vacancy is available, the admissions secretary will coordinate a date for one of our educational psychologists to evaluate the candidate.

On the day set for the evaluation, parents are asked to present the following:

» Candidates applying for K4, K5 and 1st grade: photocopy of the child´s kindergarten report.

» Candidates applying for 2nd grade onward: photocopy of Spanish and English report cards and copybooks or folders used during the year in school.

» Candidates applying for K2 and K3 no admittance evaluation is necessary

After admisssions tests have been analyzed parents will have an interview where they will receive feeback on the results. If the result is satisfactory, the process goes on to fulfill the administrative requirements.