We have educated three generations in Argentina since 1950, providing a solid and unique system of education.

The bond between a student and the school does not end on his or her graduation day. The place and the people who contributed to his or her growth live within him or her.

St. John´s is a perfect synthesis of British and Argentine spirit. These two seemingly different cultures have complemented each other in each student and turned all of them into proud St John´s Old Boys or Old Girls. It is a dream which has come true year after year since 1950, when the school was founded in an old manse, amongst the surrounding trees, the yard and the “paseo del águila”. That same Eagle and the motto “Vincit Veritas”(Truth Prevails) are symbols present in the school badge, empowering each St. John´s graduate with the knowledge and strength to fight incessantly for what he believes in.

St. John´s spirit: experiences engraved for ever in the memories and hearts of those who have been part of the making of the school history; a history which is over 50 years old.

  • 1950

    Mr. & Mrs. Legge rent "El refuigio" in Martinez and St. John's launches its primary school.

  • 1958

    St. Johns's opens its secondary school as Instituto San Juan

  • 1964

    Purchase of the property on Pueyrredón Street from the Zubizarreta family.

  • 1970

    St. John's becomes a non-profit foundation

  • 1982

    The first Macintosh educational system computers are introduced

  • 1985

    The first 6 of the present 25 hectares are bought as a sports field

  • 1986

    The first infrastructure in Pilar is finished and the sports field is inaugurated

  • 1987

    Mr. Legge passes away

  • 1988

    St. John's opens its Kindergarten

  • 1991

    Implementation of the Billingual Baccalaureate

  • 1992

    The Beccar premises on España Street are purchased

  • 1993

    St. John's opens the girls' school in Beccar

  • 1995

    The new school building for Kindergarten and Primary in Pilar is finished

  • 1996

    St. John's opens a co-ed Kindergarten and Primary school in Pilar

  • 1999

    The Martinez and Beccar schools are joined in one co-ed school. The new Kindergarten building in Pilar is finished. First girls graduate from St. John's.

  • 2000

    50th anniversary of the foundation of St. John's School

  • 2004

    The Pilar Secondary school building is inaugurated

  • 2005

    A new library is opened in Pilar

  • 2010

    The Club House in Pilar is inaugurated.

  • 2011

    Pilar first group of graduates who completed all their schooling at St. John's, starting in Kindergarten. The first synthetic hockey field is inagurated

  • 2013

    A second synthetic hockey field is inaugurated in Pilar

  • 2014

    An olympic athletics EPDM track is built in the sports field

  • 2015

    The all-weather semi-olympic syze swimming pool is built

  • 2016

    First swimming practice on the school´s pool

  • 2018

    Construction start of covered sports center in Campus Pilar

  • 2019

    Opening Puertos - Kinder