Aiming high and striving for excellence.

Students in our six year secondary programme continue to strive for academicc excellence, enlargening and deepening the knowledge they have acquired in primary school. Autonomy, critical thinking, honesty and effort in their daily work are crucial to our students´ learning at this point, since all of them contribute to strengthen their personality and integrity.

Our students sit for intenational exams which are stepping stones to their future univerity studies, as they are reccognized by universities, both in Argentina and abroad. At the end of their third year in secondary school they sit for Cambridge IGCSE exams, going on to prepare the IB Diploma Programme offered by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), sitring for their final exams during the first half or their last year in school. Our French department also prepares them to obtain dplomas in several levels of exams offered by the Alliance Française.

When our students leave school, they communicate efficiently and fluently in both English and Spanish as first languages, and have acquired French as a foreign language.